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ECO a specialist office desk screen manufacturer  
acoustic desk dividers, office desk screens & acrylic medical desk screens.

ECO's knowledge of office partitioning and desk divider's is vast, we are the original inventors of desk divider screens back in the early 1980s and won the UK Design Councils coveted award for original design for our desktop divider screen called FreeSpace.  Currently manufacturing 11 desk screen ranges.

ECO's Design Centre award for the first ever desk divider

Jubilee Super Acoustic

Desk Divider

The Jubilee range of Class A acoustic desk partition screens within the constraints of reasonable weight, bulk and cost, are probably the most efficient noise control screens that can be produced from today’s materials. 


These pinnable office partition screens are excellent at reducing office noise.

Perspex desk screens in frosted blue colour in a 4 desk screen layout with nice widow view

Smarty Acrylic 

Desk Divider

Smarty Acrylic office desk divider available in a choice of acrylic frosted finishes.

A fresh and different approach in design, using both space and light in today's offices requires the use of different material, acrylic is one such material, strong and durable in structure but light and bright in appearance.


Smarty Backdrop

Desk Divider

Smarty Backdrop desk divider is designed to give a crisp modern aspect in the office,


Smarty Backdrop desk divider design is intended to be either full width or to come up short at the edges giving a fresh feel, creating a feeling of space without the loss of function.


Medical acrylic desktop screen toppers

RB Desk partitions a heavy duty construction in a variety of shapes and sizes, a cost-effective solution with a five year guarantee.

The RB Desk Screen is perfect for our Acrylic toppers.  MEAS acrylic extension screens.


EPDT & EPSM Pinnable 

Desk Dividers

E range of Class A acoustic desk partitions are matching desk versions of the successful E range office floor screens. 

With Class A acoustic qualities and a choice of designs these screens are built to increase the office work space footprint efficiency whilst reducing office noise pollution.

Smarty fabric office desk divider.jpg

Smarty Fabric

Desk Divider

The Smarty Fabric Desk divider is designed to give a crisp modern approach to furnishing the office. 

​These simple clean aesthetically pleasing desk dividers are available in a variety of fabrics,  Smarty desktop dividers transforming today's offices.


Galaxy Budget Desk Divider

GDT Budget Desktop screens a great screen at a great price, these desk partitions come with a 3 Year guarantee.

They are available in 2 heights 50cm & 40cm and 5 160cm, 140cm, 120cm, 100cm & 80cm.


Medical Desk Divider with easy clean surface.

Protect your vulnerable areas with a glazed or solid extra high desk mounted medical quality easy wipe desk divider.


Made with an acrylic glazed area and in an Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal & Anti-mycotic vinyl.


RB Contract Desk Divider + Acrylic Topper

RB Desk partitions a heavy duty construction in a variety of shapes and sizes, a cost-effective solution with a five year guarantee.

The RB Desk Screen is perfect for our Acrylic toppers.  MEAS acrylic extension screens.


Smarty Plus Acoustic

Desk Divider

The Smarty range of Class A acoustic desktop screens offer a superior performance acoustic product at unbeatable prices.

They have exceptional acoustic qualities and are good at both reducing sound penetration and also sound reflection.

A drywipe desktop screen with fitted bracket clamps tucked neatly under the desk divider

Polar Drywipe

Desktop Screens

Polar dry wipe screens are available in 7 sizes. 

The Polar desktop divider screens s a perfect surface for brainstorming during a meeting, putting down the ideas, and organizing the work flow.


Medical Desk Acrylic Screens

Medical Desk Acrylic Screens, designed to create an above desk see through acrylic barrier where airborne infections can be stopped by a physical impervious barrier.


This infection protection desk screen can be easily assembled in minutes.


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