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Alpha aluminium desk divider

Alpha desk dividers from the Phonetic range

Alpha-main-layout-in-room-royal=with desks.jpg

The Alpha frame is coated with a high quality anodized finish of 13 -15 microns.  This extra thick anodizing gives the aluminium a silky smooth, deep natural silver finish.


The upholstered centre board is made from MDF and covered in fabric to your choice.  The Alpha desk divider can also have an acrylic centre board and is available in clear, solid colour or frosted,


The Alpha desk divider screen has a 4 sided aluminium frame with the top rail of the frame also doubling as a tool rail.   

The standard clamps fit 25mm desk top but wider clamps are available at an extra cost.  A selection of tool rail accessories are available to order, prices on request.

The Alpha desk divider can also have an acrylic centre board and is available in clear, solid colour or frosted acrylic.

Alpha with solid white acrylic


Alpha desk dividers from the Phonetic range.

Range: Phonetic.
Name: Alpha.
Properties: 4 sided aluminium frame with tool rail.
Style: Desk top.
Type: Flat top only.
Designed for: All desk top styles.

Aluminium colours:

Aluminium finish:
Anodise quality:
Bespoke sizes:
Clamp brackets:
ECO content:


Height allowance:
Height & width:
Tool rail:
Width allowance:

Extruded using 6063 T5 tensile strength aluminium.
Powder coat to order, light grey, dark grey, black & white, minimum quantities applies.
Anodise coating natural finish.
Anodised to exterior finish thickness 13 -15 microns.
Special sizes are priced to the next larger size, minimum quantities applies.
26mm wide clamps included, 49mm wide clamps available at an extra cost.
The fabric divders core is made width 100% M.D.F.
An average of 80% by weight of the screens content is recyclable.
Stock fabric Elfin, all Camira fabrics available to order.
BS 476, Part 7, Class 1 or BS5852 Class 0, 1, or BS 7176:2007 Depending on the fabric, environment and substrate.
To order at an extra cost. Combustion Modified to comply with Schedule 1 Part 1 of the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations S.I. 1324 1989.
Vision panels in clear, tints, opaque’s, solids and frosted.
ECO’s standard three year guarantee.
Desk top screens are 8mm less than stated to allow for the height of the clamps.
30cm, 40cm & 50cm.
The screen height and width is measured from the corner brackets.
Packed with cardboard corners and heavy polythene wrap.
The screen thickness is 24mm at the widest point.
Top fitting and double sided as standard, accessories to order.
The width tolerance is plus or minus 0.5%.
60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm & 180cm

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