Medical Extension Acrylic Screen

Infection Protection acrylic extension screen

Medical office screen

Acrylic Screen extension 

Add an acrylic barrier to the top of your existing screens.

Medical Extension Acrylic Screen have been designed to add onto the top of your existing divider screens so as to add an extra level of infection protection.

The acrylic glazed panels are available 40cm high as standard and when added to your desk divider or floor divider gives you an additional barrier to help prevent the spread of this airborne disease.


  • 180cm

  • 160cm

  • 150cm

  • 140cm

  • 120cm

  • 100cm

  • 80cm

Extension Acrylic Clamps


The following screen extension EA Clamps are included in the extension screen price and are suitable for all acrylic thicknesses up to 5mm.

EA1       15mm to 20mm

EA2       20mm to 28mm

EA3       28mm to 35mm

EA4       35mm to 50mm

Colours available include;


  • Light Grey*

  • Dark Grey

  • Black

  • Silver

*Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified.



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