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Acoustic Products

Noise pollution in the office.

​Acoustics, the science concerned with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound. The term is derived from the Greek akoustos, meaning "heard."


The following information primarily deals with unwanted sounds in offices.


Sound pollution “noise” in the office is sound that disturbs the occupants thought or work process.


Noise is what we want to keep from disturbing the work process, sound is OK, noise is not.


Noise is reduced in the office by the act of absorption, the placement of items in the office that are designed to absorb sound.


Noise reduction in the office is normally achieved with carpets, curtains, ceiling baffles, wall baffles and screens. Unbacked woven fabric is usually best for these items.


There are five classified classes of sound absorption in the ISO 11654 test. Class A is the highest and Class E is the lowest.


The weighted sound absorption coefficient to ISO 11654 = 1.00, Class A.


  • At α = 0.00, means that there is no absorption; the entire incident sound is reflected.

  • At α = 0.50, 50% of the sound energy is absorbed and 50% is reflected.

  • At α = 1.00, all incident sound is absorbed, Class A.


ECO's products below have all passed the ISO 11654 test and are Class A tested.


APS products
Jubilee products
B Range products
AWDB wall boards
Smarty Plus
D Range products
E Range products

​Class A




The following products are all Class "A"


APS Superb acoustic
dividers NRC 2.80

APS's internal structure is made from fibre board sourced from farmed and sustainable plantations, plus a high density mineral wool with fibres that have non-directional orientation. 

Sound waves are trapped and vibrations dampened.


D Range Desk and floor dividers NRC 1.10

Aluminium frame Class "A" acoustic floor & desktop screens, easy build design to suit your office environment.

Whether you are dividing a work area or creating a more effective acoustic barrier against workplace noise pollution the new D range with Class "A" absorption will deliver a quieter office.


Phone Kiosk's 
Floor & Wall   NRC 2.6

Class “A” Sound absorbing phone kiosk’s and wall hoods, both the floor standing & wall mounted versions are available with 2 front edge designs.

The internal shelf on the floor & wall booths are covered in an anti-bacterial vinyl.


AWBD wall boards

NRC 2.40

The AWB has four layers of materials, (fabric, foam, fibre board & MDF) each one contributing to the absorption of sound waves as they pass through the board.

Easy and quick to install, these wall baffles have Velcro heavy duty adhesive ready backs.


E Range System
Dividers    NRC 1.1

The E range of office dividers and desktop partitions offer good acoustic qualities, sturdy construction and an eight year guarantee.  

They have good acoustic sound reducing qualities a choice of many fabrics and colours plus the desk divider has an inbuilt pinnable rail as standard.



Smarty Plus desk top divider  NRC 1.80

Smarty Plus Desktop Screens have been designed to reduce noise pollution in the office by employing seven layers of acoustic materials, in a 55mm thick screen. All edges are fabric covered to stop noise refraction allowing the fibre board & foam layers to further reduce sound every time the sound passes through the screen.


B Range Pods, booths NRC 2.60

Booths and pods are manufactured to your customer’s acoustic needs, the sizes shown are frequently altered to suit the installation area.

All ECO booths are Class “A” acoustic as standard, with 3 acoustic levels,

NRC 1.1, NRC 2.6 & NRC 2.8.



Jubilee Desk and floor dividers NRC 2.60

Jubilee Floor and Desktop screens have for many years given countless customer the gift of quiet office space.


The Jubilee range has from the outset been designed to absorb sound.


Smart design with an easy linking system plus outstanding Class A acoustics to (NRC 2.60).


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