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Jubilee, Super Acoustic Office Screens UK Made


Jubilee acoustic office dividers,  designed solely for the purpose of combating office noise pollution.

Being the forth generation of ECO acoustic dividers designed from the outset to combat office noise pollution,


Jubilee has been progressively developed through many prototypes with the aid of The Sound Research Laboratories Ltd.

Jubilee screens have been designed to help combat noise pollution and to that end we have made them so that a large void is present in the middle of the screen, this void was designed into the screen so that we can make use of the phenomenon known as STRETCH, STRETCH happens in the intervening space between two surfaces of the screen.

Impeccable acoustic pedigree

Super acoustic office screens UK made

Jubilee screens over 30 years of impeccable acoustic pedigree, delivering Class “A” (NRC 2.6) sound absorption to the office environment..


Acoustic Screen Sizes

Jubilee acoustic screens are available in a choice of sizes, 

7 Standard Widths ​

  • 160cm

  • 150cm

  • 140cm

  • 120cm

  • 100cm

  • 80cm

  • 60cm


7 Standard Heights 

  • 210cm

  • 180cm

  • 165cm

  • 150cm

  • 135cm

  • 120cm

  • 105cm

Please note that custom made heights up to 240cm and widths of 160cm are available, just talk to one of our sales team.

Jubilee screens come with an 8 year guarantee.


Freespace tool rail


Freespace tool rail, creating space in the working office.


Freespace gives you extra space on your worktop by lifting and holding items that would normally occupy your desk workspace.


Key’s, mobile, pens, clips or paper can all be lifted from your worktop giving you more working desk room.


The Freespace tool rail can be fitted to the Jubilee and E range of screens during production, the prices shown are for a single side only but the Freespace rail can be fitted to both sides if required.


Curved, Visions and Shaped Tops

Style Options


Jubilee Curved, Visions and Shaped Tops styles.

Curved Screens


Curved screens not only give office designers the opportunity to soften the lines of work areas, but also allow the creation of Pod style quiet areas.


There are two standard curves available;

  • 2.5m radius, giving a shallow curve over a distance of 140cm

  • 0.8m radius, giving a complete 90deg angle.


Other radius curves can be made to order.

Just speak with one of our sales team.


Shaped Top


​Standard production Shaped Top screens change in height from one standard height on one side, to the next standard height on the other.


Also known as 'Change Height Screens', they can be used to join two screens of different heights.


As its height will drop down to the next screen height, one end of the screen will be the height which you ordered, and the other will be dropped down to the next standard height in the range. 

If you would like the screens to your own drop down measurements please specify when ordering.

Vision Screens


Vision screens are designed to allow a measure of privacy, but still give an overview of other areas.


The shatter-proof acrylic vision panels come in;

  • Clear*

  • Grey

  • Bronze

*Clear is fitted as standard.

Top Vision panels are 45cm deep and

Half Vision panels are half the height of the screen, an 180cm high screen would have about 90cm of vision. 

Full vision screens have a maximum width of 100cm.

Curved, vision, shaped

Jubilee Linking System

ECO patent No. GB2421963


This simple but strong linking system connects 2, 3 & 4 screens together simply and quickly. You can then un-link the screens just as quickly, move them and re-link them again in moments.


The connecting bars are at the top and bottom of the floor standing acoustic screen and at the top only on the desk screen, the links are made from pressed steel and once assembled, is both strong and hidden from view.

Please note that linking screens require that the two or more abutting screens must come together at the same height. 

Different height screens can be link together with the aid of a change height screen, please see above.


Jubilee Accessories


Internal door and metal frame comes complete with lock, keys and lever style handles.

Ideal for departmental areas where privacy is essential such as wages, interviews, accounts and disciplinary meetings. The frame is made from robust steel and the size of the door frame is 210 x 90cm.

Fixings are supplied with the door, enabling you to fix the door frame directly to the floor.


Jubilee Feet


Feet included in the Jubilee screen prices are; 

  • stabilising feet (STD)

  • adjustable levelling feet (ALF)

  • half feet (HF)

  • fix to floor feet (FTF)

In addition to the standard types of feet supplied with Linking and Freestanding screens, there are other feet options available at an extra cost, including;

  • castor feet (CF)

  • extra height stabilising feet 15cm, 30cm and 72cm (STD15/30/72)

  • adjustable levelling feet 15cm, 30cm and 72cm (ALF15/30/72)

Colours available include;

  • Light Grey and Silver

*Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified. 

Fabric Options

Elfin fabric is a house fabric and is especially made for ECO's office screens it is 1630mm wide  and is held in stock for a fast production turnaround.

Elfin fabric colours


Elfin fabric comes as standard, in a range of colours, however, custom fabric options are available, just speak to one of our sales team. 


Light Fastness 

Colour Match Batch to batch shade variations may occur.

240gsm approx per square metre
BS 476 part7 (class1)
BS EN 1021-1 :1994 (cigarette)
50,000 cycles
BS 1006 Level 5-6
Office screen panels

Elfin fabric card 2023-09.jpg


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