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About Us

ECO manufacturing Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of office screens, desk screens and acoustic screens. 

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It's What We Do


We manufacture and supply top quality office partitions, be it floor standing office screens, desk partitions and acoustic screens but with ECO friendly approach..


In the 50 plus years we have been manufacturing office dividers, ECO has made in excess of 1 million office screen products from our 3 factories in Cambridgeshire, UK.

ECO Manufacturing are a regular and trusted supplier of office screens to Government departments, Councils, Schools, Colleges, Charities and Businesses, all through our extensive network of office screens dealer outlets throughout the UK.


The Original Desktop


Mr Roger D Payn (Managing Director) was the original inventor of desk dividers back in the early 1980's and with this new style office screen he won the UK's Design Councils coveted award for original design for our desk screen called FreeSpace.

Since that time we have designed and patented many original inventions for the office screens and partitioning market,  We only manufacturer office screens or similar products and over the years we have encountered and solved many of the problems that is associated with office wall building and acoustic control in the office environment.


Custom Made is our speciality.


Covering every aspect of office wall space creation, our office screens are frequently redesigned or custom made, to fit any given office space making your work environment both productive and pleasant.



Built For The Job


Although all ECO partitioning panels have acoustic abilities to some degree, we manufacturer seven specific ranges of acoustic screens, in both acoustic floor dividers and acoustic desk screens, these office partitions have been specifically designed from the outset to absorb sound waves as they pass through or reflect off the office partition.


With independent sound laboratory testing, you can be sure our acoustic partitions will give outstanding performance in airborne office sound management.

Experts In Office Space


ECO's knowledge of office screens and desk partitions is vast. As experts in our industry and specialist trade suppliers, we are here to support you and your supplier through the buying process.


Whether you choose to order your office screens direct from one of our online trade outlets, or from one of ECO's main dealers, we are here to help you get the correct product for your work environment. Our advice is free and readily available and we are waiting to hear from you.


Eco By Design

98% of all the materials by weight ECO uses in the production of its floor standing partitions and desktop screens are bio-degradable. 

We take our environmental responsibility seriously and to that end are actively engaged in environmental audits, and constantly looking for new materials and manufacturing processes to further reduce our environmental impact.

ECO is committed to lowering its carbon footprint impact on the environment, our recycling system is for our manufactured products, ECO will collect and recycle its products when requested free of charge, thereby further reducing the carbon footprint for the environment.

ECO only uses particle board, MDF, fibre board and wood products from ECO friendly forestry, sourced from farmed and sustainable plantations.

Get In Touch


If you have any questions please click through to our contact us page or contact our Customer Services Team on 01487 710800 and we will be most happy to discuss your requirements.

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ECO's Design Centre award for the first ever desk divider

Contact US

If you have any questions, please contact our Sales and Customer Service Team by phone, email.

Phone;  01487 710 800


Our Opening Hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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