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EUF pin boards

EUF display pinnable boards with acoustic sound absorbing qualities


EUF display boards

EUF pinboards, using fibre board sourced from farmed and sustainable plantations in Finland, you can be assured that you will be using boards that are constructed from eco friendly products.

EUF’s well-proven fibre board core has self healing properties that allow you to pin and then re-pin over and over again.

EUF pin Board Sizes

EUF 30/90
EUF 60/60
EUF 60/90
EUF 60/120
EUF 90/90

EUF 90/120
EUF 120/120
EUF 120/150
EUF 120/180
EUF 120/240


EUF extra large sizes available  120cm x 240cm.


Special sizes


EUF’s well-proven self healing properties

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