Bamboo Grove Screens

Bamboo screens an ideal choice for your informal breakout areas.

Breakout area Bamboo screen, 5 vertical bamboo poles each with 5 artificial green bamboo branches & leaves

Bamboo Grove

Bamboo Grove screens, real bamboo, artificial leaves, no maintenance required.  

The natural colours and feel of this breakout screen will naturally soften any given area and blend with a variety of environments, when strategically placed these breakout screens will enable the creation of calm intimate areas such as leisure areas, receptions, waiting rooms and sales showrooms.

The heavy duty metal base used in this screen comes on castors for ease of movement, Using Astro turf style grass at the bottom of the bamboo completes the presentation.

Importantly we use only bamboo sourced from farmed and sustainable bamboo grove plantations in Thailand, you can be assured that you will be using bamboo that is both ECO friendly and that is directly sourced from & supporting third world farmers.

Bamboo Grove a natural choice.

Bamboo Grove

BGMC 200/100

200cm high x 100cm wide x 25cm deep

•    Sourced from sustainable bamboo grove plantations

      in Thailand
•    Only eco friendly bamboo is used
•    Farmed bamboo supporting third world farmers with

      fair trade prices
•    Real bamboo, artificial leaves, no maintenance

•    Ideal for breakout areas in the office
•    creating calm intimate office areas

Bamboo screen, 10 stout vertical bamboo poles each with 5 artificial bamboo branches & green leaves

2 Bamboo Grove screens


Breakout Bamboo screen has a profusion of artificial green braches and leaves

BGMC 200/100



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