Desk Clamps Bracket

A complete range of desk clamps bracket,

5 complete ranges of desk clamps and desk acrylic clamps to suit all applications


All of ECO's desk clamps & acrylic clamps are supplied included with ECO desk dividers and are manufactured in our own factories so that we can make the quality needed to secure long guarantees to you the customer.


If you need a desk clamp for a particular purpose ECO can designed and were possible make that desk clamp to your needs, if you want some special desk acrylic clamps, ECO can make it for you.


ECO's workshops have over the years created hundreds of specialist jigs and production techniques allowing ECO to manufacture special clamps, feet or fittings enabling us to make for you that special fixing, for those occasions when you require a non-standard product.

Clamps sold separately, price on application.

Desk Top Clamps

Desktop screen clamps are available in a choice of 8 types of clamps, these clamps are the standard clamps that you can choose from when you order your desktop screens these clamps are included in the desktop screen price.

Extension Acrylic Clamps

Medical Extension Acrylic Screens have been designed to quickly, easily and at minimal cost convert your existing office screen dividers into barrier screens.  These 4 clamp types will fit onto screens between 12mm upto 52mm.

Side Mounted Clamps

Side Mounted screen clamps fit onto the edge of the desk or table, making are available in a choice of 6 types of clamps, these clamps are the standard clamps that you can choose from. Clamps are included in the desktop screen price.

Desk Acrylic Clamps

7 types of acrylic desk clamps to fit almost any desk, table or counter. they will fit on the edges, sides or across the middle of the table or desk.

Accepts 3 to 6mm acrylic, can by bought separately.

Smarty Fabric Clamps


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