Desk Clamps and Brackets

Desk clamps bracket and office desk clamp accessories.


ECO have designed & manufactured desk clamps bracket & associated C clamps from the beginning including Acrylic Clamps, If you need a special desk clamp for a particular purpose ECO can make it.  


When you purchase an ECO desk screen the clamps come included in the price but they can be purchase separately.


ECO brackets and clamps have been designed to fit 98% of all know desks & tables in the UK.  

Clamps sold separately, price on application.

DT Desk Divider Clamps


DT Range of desk clamps bracket fit the following ranges of desk partitions. 


Colours available include Light Grey*, Dark Grey, Brown, Black & Silver.  *Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified.

Jubilee, EPDT, RB, Polar & Galaxy desktop screens.

Special clamps are made to order and are supplied instead of standard clamps at a nominal surcharge.

DT1      30mm to 85mm
DT2      18mm to 49mm
DTC2    18mm to 49mm
DT4      Screw to top
DT5      Screw to top

DT6      Screw to side
DT7      18mm
DT8      25mm
DT9      80mm

Clamps for side mounted screens.


The picture of these side mounted clamps opposite are suitable for Smarty Backdrop, E Range side mounted and Medical side mounted screens.


The photo shows 6 types of clamps and brackets, these clamps are the standard clamps that you can choose from when you order your backdrop office screens, they are included in the screen price.


Special desk clamps can be made to order for those occasion when the desks you want to fit desktop screens too require non standard desk clamps, special clamps have an add on cost.

6 desk clamps bracket in light grey for side mounted desk divider screens on light blue background

Smarty Fabric Clamps


The SF Range of desk clamps bracket fit the following ranges of desk partitions.

Smarty Fabric desktop  & Smarty Plus desktop.

The picture of Smarty Fabric (SF) desktop clamps shows 8 styles of clamps. These 8 clamps are the standard clamps that you can choose from when you order your Smarty Fabric desktop screens. These clamps are included in the desktop screen price.

Special clamps can be made to order for those occasions when the desk you want to fit desktop screens to, require non standard clamps. Special clamps have an add-on cost.

SF desk clamps fit the Smarty fabric desk screens.

2 acrylic clamps & 1 acrylic bracket in light grey to work with an acrylic desk screen

SA Clamps

SF Clamps

DT Clamps

Specifications for desk clamp Ranges

Standard production clamp ranges specification and technical data are available as downloadable PDF's. 

If you have specific clamp requirements, please give one of our sales team a call, we'd be delighted to assist you.


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