Smarty Fabric Desktop Screens

A smart, simple, clean design, this office desk screen is ideal for today's modern offices. 

A Modern Approach


Smarty Fabric Desktop Screens designed to give a crisp modern approach to furnishing the office.


All ranges of Smarty desktop screens have been designed to give a feeling of space and light whilst performing the function they were intended. 

Simple, clean, aesthetically pleasing design lines, all available in an infinite variety of fabric finishes. With the matching acrylic-finished Smarty Desktop Screens, transforming offices into light, bright, efficient units has never been easier.

Desktop Screens


Smarty Fabric Desktop Screens snugly fit the desk with the smallest of foot prints taking up little of the valuable desk space. Smart and functional, clean and bright.

Smarty Desktop Screens, designed to complement the demanding environment of today's modern offices. 


Simple - Clean - Stylish. 


Smarty Fabric Sizes


Smarty Fabric Desktop screens have been designed from the outset to be eco friendly they are biodegradable and make full use of the raw material panel sizes so that there is little to no waste.


Smarty Fabric Desktop screens are machine cut on ECO's CNC Router for precise machining, to +/- 0.5mm. 

CNC routing gives clean crisp precise cuts time after time, there is one other benefit from using a CNC router and that is Radius, Shaped & Oblong styles are produced at no difference in price.

7 Standard Widths 

  • 180cm

  • 160cm

  • 150cm

  • 140cm

  • 120cm

  • 100cm

  • 80cm

3 Standard Heights 

  • 50cm

  • 40cm

  • 30cm


Smarty Fabric Shape Options


Smarty Fabric desktop screens are designed to fit exactly around the desk edges, allowing all three sides to be screened.

There are three top styles to choose from Oblong, Shaped, or Radius whichever style you choose the price is the same.


Smarty Fabric desktop screens incorporate a 5mm gap at the back of the desk for cable feed and take a very small footprint from the working surface of the desk.

Smarty Fabric desktop screens can be supplied in a wide range of fabrics and colours, all conforming to relevant safety standards.

  • flame retardant to BS476, Part 7, Class 1 

  • flame retardant to BS5852, Part 1, Class 0, Class 1


Smarty Fabric Screens offer high impact resistant uPVA edge trim as standard, available in 5 colours and with colour matched clamps;

  • Light grey*

  • Dark grey

  • Black

  • Silver


*light grey fitted as standard




Fabric Desktop Screen Clamps

There are 8 styles of standard clamps for Smarty Fabric Desk Screens. These are the standard clamps that you can choose from when you order your Fabric desktop screens and are included in the screen price.

*SF2 clamps are supplied as standard.

Special clamps can be made to order, for those occasions when the desks you want to fit desktop screens to, require non standard clamps. Special clamps have an add on cost.

Colours available include;


  • Light Grey*

  • Dark Grey

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Silver

*Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified.

Elfin fabric colours


Elfin fabric comes as standard, in a range of colours, however, custom fabric options are available, just speak to one of our sales team. 


Light Fastness 

Colour Match Batch to batch shade variations may occur.

240gsm approx per square metre
BS 476 part7 (class1)
BS EN 1021-1 :1994 (cigarette)
50,000 cycles
BS 1006 Level 5-6
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