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E Range Pinnable Desk Dividers

Acoustic Class "A" desk dividers with a hidden internal pin-board rail.


EPDT & EPSM The Original Desktop Screens


The EPDT & EPSM are the matching desktop screens for the E range floor standing office dividers.


This range of desktop screens were the first of its kind to be introduced back in the early 1980's.  Then this new design was called FREESPACE, freespace was a Design Council Award winner for original design. 


The E Range of desktop screens has a 40 year pedigree of excellence.


These desktop screens have undergone numerous changes since then, to bring you this newly upgrade Class "A" version called EPDT & EPSM which now includes an invisible and integral pinboard rail or a Freespace tool which is an optional extra.

Efficient & Flexible


EPDT Desktop screens have been designed and built to increase the office work space footprint efficiency whilst reducing office noise pollution.


EPDT inbuilt pinboard space saver adds work space efficiency to this range, while the flexible nature of this system allows designers to add graceful lines and stylish colour ways to the office environment.


EPDT desktop divider have both the inbuilt pinboard rail and the optional freespace rail both of which are designed to increase the desk area working surface by using previously unused vertical surface of the desk divider and thereby increasing office efficiency. 


Space Saving Inbuilt


ECO's inbuilt pinnable rail is included on all rectangular desktop screens to further aid workspace efficiency simple but effective.

The Freespace system rail is available for this range, this optional inbuilt space saver allows you to hook a complete range of off the desk accessories, adds work space efficiency to this range,


Shape Options

The position of the internal pinboard rail on shape top EPDT screens varies, or will not be included, depending on the height and shape of the screen top. 

Shaped Top Options

  1. Full Radius

  2. Radius Top

  3. Dome 

  4. Reverse Dome

  5. Shape Top 

  6. Angle Top 

  7. Full Angle

EPSM below desk screen

EPSM office screen with freespace.jpg

The SM range fits around the desk edges, allowing all three sides to be screened with minimal loss of your desk work surface.


SM screens incorporate a 5mm gap between screen and desk to allow for cable feed.

The 10cm of screen that projects below the desktop to accommodate the SM clamp system, is included automatically on the above sizes.


SM2 light grey clamps are supplied as standard and are included in the price.

Edge colours:- light grey, dark grey, black & silver.

Freespace Tool Rail

Creating space in the working office

EPSM office screen with freespace.jpg

The Freespace tool rail can be directly fitted at the time of manufacturer to new screens from the Jubilee and E Ranges or retro fitted to existing screens.

See in Accessories under Freespace for more information.


Desk Top Clamps


The following DT Clamps are included in the desk screen price;

DT1, DT2, DT4, DT5, DT6, DT7, DT8 and DT9. 

Special clamps can be made to order and are supplied instead of standard clamps with a surcharge.

Colours available include;


  • Light Grey*

  • Dark Grey

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Silver

*Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified.


Fabric Options

Elfin fabric is a house fabric and is especially made for ECO's office screens it is 1630mm wide  and is held in stock for a fast production turnaround.

Elfin fabric colours


Elfin fabric comes as standard, in a range of colours, however, custom fabric options are available, just speak to one of our sales team. 


Light Fastness 

Colour Match Batch to batch shade variations may occur.

240gsm approx per square metre
BS 476 part7 (class1)
BS EN 1021-1 :1994 (cigarette)
50,000 cycles
BS 1006 Level 5-6
Office screen panels

Elfin fabric card 2023-09.jpg


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