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Acoustic Wall Panels

Decorative acoustic panels, quick and easy to fit and very effective as a noisestop acoustic panel.


Acoustic Management

Weighted sound absorption coefficient.
AWB Class “A” to ISO 11654. =1.00 NRC 1.70
AWBD Class “A” to IS
O 11654. =1.00 NRC 2.40

AWB Acoustic Panels are ISO 11654 = 1.00, Class A tested to NRC 1.7 and NRC 2.4, the sound absorption is designed to provide comprehensive sound treatment in open plan offices. 


This noisestop acoustic panel system will help beat unwanted noise & improve sound quality in the office. Beautiful and Effective AWB Acoustic Panels are designed to provide comprehensive sound treatment for open plan and busy offices.

AWB acoustic baffles and wall boards are a simple, modular system of acoustic panels that help improve sound quality in offices, meeting rooms or interior space. 

This noisestop acoustic panel system are easy and quick to install, these wall baffles have Velcro heavy duty adhesive ready backs, enabling you to simply mark your layout, then position the baffle and push in place for a strong installation.

AWB Wall Baffles


AWB Wall Baffles are available in the following standard production sizes;

5 Standard sizes 

AWB 60/60

AWB 60/90

AWB 60/120

AWB 90/90 

AWB 90/120

Please note that custom sizes are available, just contact one of our sales team, who will be happy to help


Large sizes available as special order.

AWB Bookcase Acoustic Baffle

AWB boards are excellent sound absorbing noisestop acoustic panel and provide good noise control when strategically placed on cupboards, walls and sound reflective surfaces.

AWB boards have dual personalities the fibrous nature has good pin holding qualities and at the same time this very fibrous material reduces sound as it hits and passes through the board, 

AWB baffles can be made to fit almost any bookcase or cupboard.

A light grey noisestop acoustic wall panel fitted to the back of a bookcase

Available as special order.


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