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RB office divider screens

ECO a specialist office screen manufacturer  
acoustic office dividers, desk dividers & medical screens.

Jubilee acoustic office dividers in red office glazed & curved sound absorbing panels

Acoustic Products

Specialising in acoustic office dividers with the aid of Sound Research Laboratories Ltd 

E range acoustic screens for acoustic booth building with perspex screen

Contract Office Dividers

Specialist manufacturer of office screens with a vast knowledge and a huge selection.


Medical Screens

Medical screens to help prevent the spread of infection.


Desk Dividers

Nine desk divider ranges including acoustic, budget, contract to desktop dividers suitable for breakout areas. 

5 made to measure office dividers with plant and wavetop design
Bamboo grove artificial plant office divider for break out areas in offices

Bespoke Office Screens

Breakout Screens

Experts in custom made to measure one off special office panel screen dividers.

Creating a calm and pleasant

environment in the office.

Part made metal desk clamps bracket in black and white at ECO Manufacturing Ltd


A complete range of clamps, feet and fittings for our office screen ranges.


Budget office screens

Clamps and Brackets

Great quality  Great prices 

plus long guarantees

5 ranges of clamps & brackets designed to fit 98% of all desks & work tops.

ECO a specialist

office screen manufacturer

acoustic office dividers & desk dividers

Welcome to ECO Manufacturing Ltd a UK office screen manufacturer for over 50 years.  ECO manufactures and supplies excellent quality products with guarantees on our office divider screens and desk divider ranges of up to 8 years all made in our 3 ECO factories in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. 

ECO manufacturers acoustic office dividers, desk dividers and office floor screens, we offer excellent quality products with long guarantees, fair prices and all this while embracing ECO friendly production methods.  

ECO's production methods while manufacturing our office divider ranges have for years employed an environmentally friendly approach.  




ECO's office divider screens offer excellent quality, fair prices and ECO friendly production methods.  98% of all the materials by weight ECO uses in the production of all its floor standing screens and desktop divider screens are bio-degradable. 

ECO's production methods while manufacturing our office divider ranges have for years employed an  environmentally friendly approach.  Ergo ECO's procurement and use of sustainable wood and paper-based products is driven to a large extent by our concern for how forests are affected by wood production.  


Be assured that the office divider screen you purchase from ECO is having the least impact on the environment we are able to achieve.


With over 50 years experience in manufacturing and made-to-measure office screens, we know how to meet any challenge.


Same day dispatch office screens are held in stock 


48 hour production cycles for rapid response delivery times.


Experts in custom made and one off specials, contact our design team to realise your needs

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