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Next Day Despatch Service

The ranges and colours below are all eligible for next day despatch.

Desk top dividers


NDT  desk top screens

ND screens are a guaranteed stock product in 3 fabric colours, Black, Light Grey & Royal Blue, and orders placed up to 4pm will be despatched the next day on a 24 hour carrier service.

ND screens come with a set of DT clamps, STDN stabilising feet or a set of ALF height adjustable feet depending on the product chosen.

2 heights 40cm & 50cm, and 5 widths 180cm, 160cm, 140cm, 120cm & 80cm.

Floor dividers


NDFS  floor screens

NDLK  linking screens


NDFS & NDLK Floor Standing screens or Linking screens are a guaranteed stock product in 3 colours, Black, Light Grey & Royal Blue, and orders placed up to 4pm will be despatched the next day on a 24 hour carrier service.  Certain postcode carry an extra carriage surcharge, if in doubt please check before placing your order.

Stabilising feet (STDN) are supplied with NDFS non-linking screens adjustable levelling feet (ALF) are supplied with NDLK linking screens, if you require stabilising feet with your NDLK linking screen you will need to order replacement feet, prices opposite.  4 heights 180cm, 165cm 150cm & 120cm, and 4 widths 160cm, 140cm, 120cm & 80cm.


Orders placed up to 4pm will be despatched the next day on a 24 hour carrier service.

Black PY22

L/Grey PY09

Royal PY10

Bamboo Dividers


Bamboo Grove Screens

Set a calming mood in the office with Bamboo Grove dividers.

Real bamboo, artificial leaves, no maintenance required.  The natural colours and feel of this screen will naturally soften any given area and blend with a variety of environments, when strategically placed these screens will enable the creation of calm intimate areas.

These dividers are in stock ready for next day despatch.


ECO's Office Divider Feet 

Fit the following Ranges

Feet are included in the prices of the following screens: 

Jubilee, E Range, RB Range, Galaxy, APS and Polar.

  • stabilising feet (STD)

  • adjustable levelling feet (ALF)

  • half feet (HF)

  • fix to floor feet (FTF)

  • castor feet (CF)

Colours available include;

Light Grey*, Dark Grey , Brown, Black & Silver

*Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified. 

Feet sold separately, price on application.


8 desk clamps bracket in light grey for desktop partition panels

5 Clamp ranges


A total of 35 different clamps are manufactured for ECO's many desk top screens.

All of ECO's desk clamps & acrylic clamps are supplied included with ECO desk dividers and are manufactured in our own factories so that we can make the quality needed to secure long guarantees to you the customer.

Special clamps are made to order and are supplied instead of standard clamps at a nominal surcharge.

Acrylic barriers


Desk acrylic screens


Medical Desk Acrylic Screens, designed to create an above desk see through acrylic barrier where airborne infections can be stopped by a physical impervious barrier.

This infection protection desk screen can be easily assembled in minutes.

The 5mm clear cast acrylic surface is resistant to anti-bacterial cleaning agents or surface cleaning alcohol, both of which we recommend to be used to keep the surface clean and safe.

LBO Letter box opening in the middle and at the bottom, 10cm x 30cm are available as an optional extra.

SA clamps are included in the screen price.

Acrylic barriers


Medical Floor Vision screen


The MFV full vision screen is a kD "knock down" design and allows you to create a quick and strong physical barrier between your staff and or visitors, as and when the need arises.


It has been predicted that covid19 contagion will ebb and flow over many years, these full vision screens are ideal for a quick response.


Store them away when you don't need them and then in just 2 minutes you can reassemble them to create a physical barrier of up to 2 metres high by whatever width you require.


Self standing and made from a 5mm clear acrylic with an easy to clean surface that can be quickly cleaned with Ethyl Alcohol 70% or anti bacterial wipes

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