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Office room building doors
with lock and keys.

Burgundy office acoustic wall panels with door made of dark red wood in a light grey metal frame 2125mm in feet

Jubilee Range

Office room building doors with lock and 3 keys.

These metal framed doors are designed to work with ECO’s various ranges of linking office dividers to create a secure and solid locking room.  

These doors have metal frames and come complete with the linking edges to suit the office screen range you are using.

If you wanted to go from wall to wall to block off a section of a room we would also be able to provide wall mounted fitting to go with the lockable door and screens to make this work. 


With screen dividers 210cm high and linked from wall to wall with a lockable door you would be able to create a secure room very quickly.

Alternatively you can use screen dividers 210cm high to create a four sided box and then add a lockable door and again to have a secure room made from acoustic dividers.

Our lockable doors are suitable for the following screen ranges, D range, E range and Jubilee range.  All these ranges are class A acoustic screens and not only will the room be secure it will also be quite.

Large open plan areas are ideal for efficient workflow but all offices need quite secure areas were interviews can be undertaken and accounts work be performed.

Office acoustic screens & door, or office screen door for ECO's screen ranges.

The D and E ranges can be supplied with a door and frame for areas that require wall to wall security.

The door and frame is approximately 210cm high and comes fully fitted with lock and keys.

The frame is sprayed the same colour as the edging, which can include Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black & Silver. These are made to order and can take 3-4 weeks.

Blue office partition walls with door made of dark red wood in a light grey metal frame 2125mm in feet

D Range or E Range door

Office walling systems that screws to a wall for a permanent or temporary wall systems

Wall Mounted Fittings


This wall mounted fitting has been designed for when secure offices are required, you mount this -or similar range fitting- to the wall and link from the fitting. It can also be very useful when wall to wall installations are required without unsightly gaps.


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