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Great Quality Office Divider Screen

complete with office divider feet

Great Screens, Great Prices


Galaxy floor screens are a great quality divider, made with MDF on both side for strength and at a great budget price. Complete with office divider feet and a 3 Year guarantee,


There are two office screen types GFS which are Galaxy Freestanding dividers and GLK which are Galaxy Linking dividers, whichever style you choose the price remains the same.

Available in the house fabric Elfin which has a choice of 12 fabric  colours   with   Royal  Blue,  Black  &  Light  Grey   available for a fast 5 working days production turnaround, subject to workflow capacity.


Heights 180cm, 165cm, 150cm, & 120cm

Widths 160cm, 150cm, 140cm, 120cm, 100cm & 80cm.


Standard widths;

  • 160cm

  • 150cm

  • 140cm

  • 120cm

  • 100cm

  • 80cm

Galaxy Floor Screen Sizes


Galaxy Office Screens come in a range of standard heights and available on standard size screens, with Elfin fabric finish. 


Standard heights;

  • 180cm

  • 165cm

  • 150cm

  • 120cm


Galaxy Curved Screen Sizes


Galaxy Curved Office Screens come in a four standard heights and two curve sizes, 


Standard heights;

  • 180cm

  • 165cm

  • 150cm

  • 120cm

Standard curve;

  • 2.5m

  • 0.8m


Galaxy Vision Office Dividers


Galaxy vision dividers are available in three types, Top vision, Half vision and Full vision.

There is also a choice of three acrylic shades Clear, Grey Tint and Bronze Tint with Clear fitted as standard unless specified otherwise.

Top Vision panels are 450mm deep and Half Vision panels would be half the height of the screen, a half vision 180cm high screen would have about 90cm of vision.


Full vision screens have a maximum width of 1000mm.

Standard heights;

  • 180cm

  • 165cm

  • 150cm

  • 120cm

For more detailed information get in touch now, to discuss your requirements.


Feet for Galaxy Office Screens


There are two office screen types GFS which are Galaxy Freestanding dividers and GLK which are Galaxy Linking dividers, whichever style you choose the price remains the same.  Office dividers feet are included in the price; 

GFS screens

  • stabilising feet (STD)

  • half feet (HF)

  • fix to floor feet (FTF)

GLK screens

  • adjustable levelling feet (ALF)

In addition to the standard types of feet supplied with GLK Linking and GFS Freestanding screens, there are other feet options available at an extra cost, including;

  • castor feet (CF)

  • extra height stabilising feet 15cm, 30cm and 72cm (STD15/30/72)

  • adjustable levelling feet 15cm, 30cm and 72cm (ALF15/30/72)

Colours available include;

  • Light Grey*, Dark Grey, Black & Silver.

*Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified. 

office dividers feet 10 styles for linking and free standing

Galaxy Office Divider Fabric Options


Elfin fabric is the standard fabric used in the production of Galaxy Office divider screens it is strong, hard wearing and comes in a good choice of colours, unusually it has 50,000 rub test which is high for a screen fabric.

  • Elfin 


There is 12 Elfin fabric colours to choose from with Royal Blue, Black & Light Grey available ex-stock for a fast production turnaround.


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