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Sasher Desk & Floor divider screens

New from ECO the Sasher range of desk dividers

Sasher desk screen


Sasher with 3 top styles


Stylish and strong, Sasher office desk screens make it easy to build smart efficient workspace cubicles for your office.


There are 3 styles for the top of the screen Oblong, Rounded corners & Shape, they all have fabric covered edges and come with or without a neat black infill..


If you are looking to create a number of individual work place cubicles within your office then this new range of desk screens would be ideal.


Sasher screens are supplied complete with a SF2 desk clamp by default, with other clamps also available.

Sasher desk screen


Soft lines with fabric edges.
Build work cubicles and team workspaces.
Height reduced by 8mm for clamp thickness.
Screen thickness 25mm.
Combustion Modified Foam.
Stock fabric Elfin, Camira fabrics to order.
Non linking desk divider panels.
HEO come with 3cm rounded corners.
HES have a drop down 20cm.
HEC come with 8cm rounded corners.
Available to order, pinnable both side.

Sasher  3 top styles


Sasher HEO


Oblong with 3cm rounded corners.


Sasher HEC


Oblong with 8cm rounded corners..


Sasher HES


Wave shape with a drop down 20cm.

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