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RB Contract Office Screens

A complete range with floor divider, curved, shaped and glazed office screens.

Floor dividers & desk top screens.


RB Floor divider top shapes

Standard options for screen top design.


RB Contract Office Screens are available in a choice of standard top designs.

Below is a standard selection of top shapes that are available at a small extra charge.  The shapes below may vary depending on the screens height & width.


Creating beautiful work spaces


The RB office screen range offers cost-effective solutions for the many screening problems that occur in today's offices.

This heavy duty range off office screens has been designed for a hard working life and comes with a 5 year guarantee.


Sturdily constructed with heavy duty internal components and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, 


Large choice of fabric ranges to choose from
• flame retardant to BS476, Part 7, Class 1 
• flame retardant to BS5852, Part 1, Class 0, Class 1


Custom sizes made to order

• special sizes and shapes to order
• special widths up to 300cm
• special heights up to 240cm 

Fully Functional

RB contract screens are a fully functional, contract, heavy duty range of system screens, that are well made, strong and durable. Ready to meet the demands of the modern office environment.


The RB screen system, is designed to turn any open office area into a fully functional working environment within minutes. Simple to install, easy to move and reinstall, with no tools required. 


RB Freestanding screens come with STD stabilising feet, Linking screens come with ALF height adjustable feet. 


Flat, Curved, Vision and Shaped screens of varying heights and lengths, can be mixed and linked together in any order you may require, to form work areas and pod style cubicles.

  • floor standing, linking and desktops 

  • flat or curved screens 

  • shaped or angled top screens

  • visions in clear, grey or bronze tint’s


High impact resistant uPVA edge trim as standard, available in 4 colours

  • dark grey

  • light grey*

  • brown

  • black 

*light grey fitted as standard










Easy linking system

The simple to install ECO Linking System allows any number of screens to be joined together with the facility to arrange and re-arrange them at will.

The linking mechanism adds 20mm overall to the width of the screen.

Linking screen are supplied with adjustable levelling feet ALF, see below for feet details.

RB Floor standing screens come with STD stabilising feet, Linking screens come with ALF height adjustable feet. 

Standard Floor Screen Sizes


RB Contract Office Screens come in a range of standard heights and widths, 48 hour production service is available on standard size screens, with Elfin fabric finish.  Screen width subject to fabric width.


Standard heights;

  • 180cm

  • 165cm

  • 150cm

  • 120cm

Standard widths;

  • 180cm

  • 160cm

  • 150cm

  • 140cm

  • 120cm

  • 100cm

  • 80cm

RBLK 5 Angle-2 BLUE.jpg

Curved Screens


Curved screens not only give office designers the opportunity to soften the lines of work areas, but also allow the creation of Pod style quiet areas.

RB Curved Office Screens are available in a choice of 6 standard heights;

  • 180cm

  • 165cm

  • 150cm

  • 135cm

  • 120cm

  • 105cm

There are two standard curves available;

  • 2.5m radius, giving a shallow curve over a distance of 140cm

  • 0.8m radius, giving a complete 90deg angle.

A complete circle of 2.5m radius screens would create an area with a diameter of 5.00m. The 0.8m radius screen is designed to go around an 80cm radius desk corner.


Other radius curves can be made to order...

Just speak with one of our sales team.

RB-Curved-2-Green PORTRAIT.jpg

Shaped Top


​Standard production Shaped Top Screens change from one standard height on one side, to the next standard height on the other.


Also known as 'Change Height Screens', they can be used to join two screens of different heights.


As its height will drop down to the next screen height, one end of the screen will be the height which you ordered, and the other will be dropped down to the next standard height in the range. 

If you would like the screens to your own drop down measurements please specify when ordering.

Vision Screens


Vision screens are designed to allow a measure of privacy, but still give an overview of other areas.


The shatter-proof acrylic vision panels come in;

  • Clear*

  • Tinted Grey

  • Tinted Bronze

*Clear is fitted as standard.

Top Vision panels are 45cm deep and

Half Vision panels are half the height of the screen;

an 1800mm high screen would have about 90cm of vision. 

Full vision screens have a maximum width of 100cm.

RBLK 4 Vision BLUE.jpg

RB Contract Office Screen Feet


RB Freestanding screens come with STD stabilising feet and Linking screens come with ALF height adjustable feet. 


Feet included in the RB Office Screen prices are; 

  • stabilising feet (STD)

  • adjustable levelling feet (ALF)

  • half feet (HF)

  • fix to floor feet (FTF)

In addition to the standard types of feet supplied with Linking and Freestanding screens, there are other feet options available at an extra cost, including;

  • castor feet (CF)

  • extra height stabilising feet 15cm, 30cm and 72cm (STD15/30/72)

  • adjustable levelling feet 15cm, 30cm and 72cm (ALF15/30/72)

Colours available include;

  • Light Grey*

  • Dark Grey 

  • Brown 

  • Black

  • Silver

*Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified. 


Fabric Options

Elfin fabric is a house fabric and is especially made for ECO's office screens it is 1630mm wide  and is held in stock for a fast production turnaround.

Elfin fabric colours


Elfin fabric comes as standard, in a range of colours, however, custom fabric options are available, just speak to one of our sales team. 


Light Fastness 

Colour Match Batch to batch shade variations may occur.

240gsm approx per square metre
BS 476 part7 (class1)
BS EN 1021-1 :1994 (cigarette)
50,000 cycles
BS 1006 Level 5-6
Office screen panels

Elfin fabric card 2023-09.jpg


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