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Mobile Pin and Drywipe boards

Mobile pin and drywipe boards with special 90Deg nesting feet.


Mobile Drywipe

Mobile drywipe board screens with half the screen covered in fabric and half with double sided drywipe surface. 


These mobiles have 90Deg nesting feet to allow 2 mobile to be nested a right angles to each other.  


4 sizes

DMD 180/160

DMD 180/120

DMD 150/160

DMD 150/120


Mobile pin board

Mobile pin boards use well-proven fibre board core has self healing properties that allow you to pin and then re-pin over and over again, this fibre board is sourced from farmed and sustainable plantations in Finland.


4 sizes

DMP 180/160

DMP 180/120

DMP 150/160

DMP 150/120


Mobile D range screen

D Range mobile class "A" acoustic screen.

This strong and sturdy mobile acoustic screen design allows these versatile class A acoustic office dividers to be moved at will to create an impromptu quite area.


4 sizes

DMS 180/160

DMS 180/120

DMS 150/160

DMS 150/120

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