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Charlie Acoustic Class A
Inspired Relaxed Office Spaces

Charlie cubicle building panels

They are made with sound absorbent materials, allowing for fully functional enclosed office interview areas, team meeting spaces, and huddle spaces.


The panels are easy to assemble and are modular in nature.


They also feature sound absorbent acoustic panels, which help in reducing noise levels.

Charlie cubicle building panels are specifically designed to create free-standing office cubicles and meeting spaces. They provide a versatile solution for creating enclosed work areas within an open office layout.

Charlie cubicle building Class A  acoustic panels are ideal for team meetings and briefings areas. They offer private and enclosed spaces where teams can gather to discuss important matters, collaborate, and hold productive meetings. The Class A sound absorbent panels help create a conducive environment by reducing noise distractions, allowing for more focused meetings and effective discussions.

There are 4 heights   180cm, 165cm, 150cm & 120cm.

There are 5 widths    160cm, 140cm, 120cm, 100cm  & 80cm.

The production lead time for Charlie cubicle building panels is approximately 2 weeks, once the order is placed.

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