Diamond Acoustic Wall Panels 

Decorative sound absorbing panels for great  acoustic room treatment.

Acoustic Management

Beautiful and effective Diamond acoustic wall panels are designed to provide comprehensive sound treatment for open plan and busy offices.

Diamond acoustic baffles are a simple, modular system of acoustic panels that help improve sound quality in offices, meeting rooms or interior space. 

Diamonds consists of a single element, a diamond shape that can be combined in many ways. using different fabrics and colours you can create designs to cover both small or large surfaces. The diamond shape when arranged in three colour sets creates 3D style wall illusions and provide effective sound absorption.


Easy to install


Easy and quick to install these wall baffles have MDF back boards that are screwed to the wall enabling you to make your layout first, then you press fix the Acoustic Baffle to the back board to complete the simple but strong installation.

There are 2 qualities of sound reduction the single diamond (ST) and the double diamond


About Diamonds

The Diamond wall baffle is designed to make a hexagon with 3 units, when 3 colours are used within the hexagon the design appears 3 dimensional.


The Diamonds come in 2 sizes 30cm & 45cm, and are packed in units of 3’s & 6’s.


Diamond wall baffles only use fibre board sourced from farmed and sustainable plantations in Finland, you can be assured that you will be  using  boards  that  are constructed from ECO friendly materials.



The scientific process of sound waves is called acoustics.

Sounds exist in a variety of forms and travel at 767 miles per hour,

Sound waves bend when they hit obstacles and air stretches and extends the capacity of sound.

A clipart picture showing sound wave typical of office acoustics
Elfin office screen fabric card showing 12 fabric colours, a plain weave panel fabric for office screen manufacturing

Elfin fabric colours


Elfin fabric comes as standard, in a range of colours, however, custom fabric options are available, just speak to one of our sales team. 


Light Fastness 

Colour Match Batch to batch shade variations may occur.

240gsm approx per square metre
BS 476 part7 (class1)
BS EN 1021-1 :1994 (cigarette)
50,000 cycles
BS 1006 Level 5-6
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