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Smarty Acrylic Desktop Screen Range
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Smarty Acrylic Desktop Screens

A refreshing difference to fabric covered screens, Smarty Acrylic Screens come in two acrylic frosted finishes summer blue and fresh aqua both frosted acrylic shades have been chosen because of their ability to blend in with today's clean crisp office colours.

Modern office interiors and working environments require a fresh and different approach in design, using both space and light in today's offices requires the use of different material, acrylic is one such material, strong and durable in structure but light and bright in conceptual terms.

Smarty Acrylic desktop screens, answering many questions in today's office environments.
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Smarty Acrylic Desktop Screens

Simple, clean and aesthetically pleasing design lines, Smarty Acrylic Screens come in two acrylic frosted finishes summer blue and fresh aqua. All Smarty Acrylic Screens are made from a tough 6mm thick frosted acrylic and are supplied complete with a set of clamps, different varieties of clamps are available for varying desk thicknesses.

Smarty Acrylic desktop screens are available in 2 heights & 6 widths

Heights: 300mm and 400mm
Widths: 1800mm, 1600mm, 1400mm, 1200mm, 1000mm & 800mm.

Radius, Shaped & Rectangular styles are all the same price.

Acrylic Desktop Styles

Acrylic Desktop Styles

        Rectangular                                             Shaped                                         Radius

Smarty Acrylic Desktop Clamps

The picture below of Acrylic desktop clamps shows 4 styles of clamps, these 4 clamps are the standard clamps that you can choose from when you order your desktop screens these clamps are included in the desktop screen price.

Special clamps can be made to order for those occasion when the desks you want to fit desktop screens too require non standard clamps, special clamps have an add on cost.

From left to right, SA1, SA2 & SA5.

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