Smarty Plus Acoustic Desk Screen

Smarty Plus Acoustic Desktop
Smarty Plus Desktop Screens designed to reduce noise pollution in the office by employing seven layers of acoustic materials.

All edges are covered in fabric to stop noise refraction and allowing the seven layers to further reduce sound every time the sound passes through the screen.

Smarty Plus screens are available in two heights 40cm and 50cm enabling a bigger footprint above the desk to further reduce the sound in the office.

Simple - Clean - Stylish.

Smarty Plus Desktops
Smarty Plus Desktop Screen
Smarty Plus Acoustic Desktop Screens are a member of the Smarty Desk screen range, there are four distinct styles included in the Smarty range, each style is designed to fulfill a different need within the office.

Smarty Acrylic - light, bright frosted acrylic, very stylish.

Smarty Backdrop - perfect for single desk installations, very slick.

Smarty Fabric - a simple design at a great price, very crisp.

Smarty Plus - seven layers of acoustic materials, very sound.

5 Years 55mm 7-Layers
Smarty Plus Desktop Clamps
The clamps pictured above are for Smarty Fabric and Smarty Plus desktop screens, it shows 8 styles of clamps, these 8 clamps are the standard clamps that you can choose from when you order your Smarty desktop, the clamps are included in the desktop screen price.

Special clamps can be made to order for those occasion when the desks you want to fit desktop screens too require non standard clamps, special clamps have an add on cost.