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Galaxy Screens, floor standing & desktop
Galaxy screens are available in three fabrics Elfin, Cara and Screen 66. The Elfin fabric is especially made 182cm wide for ECO so we can make the 180cm wide screens for you, we keep Elfin fabric in stock in large quantities so we are able to give you a fast production turnaround which under normal circumstances Elfin Galaxy screens would be made for the next van in your area or if required urgently 24 hours from receipt of your final instructions excluding the day of order. Galaxy screens are guaranteed for one year.

Galaxy Budget Screens have two price band structures, the first price band is band A available in three fabric ranges, this means that when your order comes in, ECO manufactures the screens specifically for your requirements.

The second price band is for the band D ex-stock screens, these screens are mass produced in bulk and available ex-stock in Elfin royal blue, black and light grey. Ex-stock screens are very ECOnomically priced and have a high turnover rate, and while we endeavour to always keep all sizes and all three colour's in stock we do not guarantee it, as sudden demand is difficult to predict, plus ex-stock screens are schedule manufactured (4 - 8 weeks) and not made to order.

We endeavour to carry in stock 4,500 screens at any one time, you can choose the colour and style of edging you require either linking or non-linking in light grey or dark grey colours.

Feet and clamps are included in the price. STD feet come with floor standing screens, ALF feet come with linking screens, the screen price includes feet, a choice of 9 clamp types from the DT clamp range is included in the price. STD feet can be supplied instead ALF feet on linking screens at an extra cost.

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Galaxy Floor Standing screen heights

Galaxy floor standing office screens come in 4 heights and 7 widths.

Heights 1825mm, 1675mm, 1525mm and 1225mm.
Widths 1800mm, 1600mm, 1500mm, 1400mm, 1200mm, 1000 & 800mm

Standard Feet Options

Standard feet included in the screens price are, stabilising feet, adjustable levelling feet, half feet & fix to floor feet.

In addition to the standard types of feet supplied with Linking and Freestanding screens there are other feet options available at an extra cost, including castor feet, extra height stabilising feet 150mm, 300mm and 720mm and adjustable levelling feet 150mm, 300mm and 720mm.

Colours available for Galaxy screens are Light Grey & Dark Grey.
Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified.

Galaxy Desktop Screens

GDT Galaxy Desktop screens come rectangular in shape, as standard all the fabric and foam components are flame retardant to BS476, Part 7, Class 1. BS5852 Part 1 Source 0 (Cigarette), BS 5852 Part 1 source 1 (Butane Flame) where applicable.

The UPVA protective edge trim is navailable in dark grey and light grey, light grey is fitted as standard.

Galaxy Desktop screens are available in three fabrics Elfin, Cara and Screen 66. with screen widths up to 1800mm, there is a choice of 9 elfin fabric colours to choose from with Royal, Black & Light Grey available ex-stock.

All clamps and metal components are sprayed with a dry epoxy powder paint coating, the powder paint is electro statically charged and sprayed to form a thick layer to protect the metal surface. The dry powder is then oven baked to 170c which turns the powder to liquid which then cools and solidifies to a hard and a very durable corrosion resistance surface.

Galaxy desktop office screens are available in 1 height and 7 widths they are.

Height 450mm.
Widths 1800mm, 1600mm, 1500mm, 1400mm, 1200mm, 1000mm & 800mm.

Clamps are included in the price and available in a choice of sizes, a clamp specification sheet is available upon request.   

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