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EFS-ELK Acoustic Office Screens
Guaranteed 5 years
The EFS range of Freestanding screens are unique in their ability to offer a host of special features which you would only expect to find on more expensive products. They are available with a choice of edging in dark grey, light grey, silver, light oak, brown or black, (silver and light oak are optional extras), with five types of feet and special floor hugging feet for busy office areas.

Shelving systems, height options, width options, flat, curved, vision, angled, shaped and system screens, plus custom made screens to your specification. They have good acoustic qualities and a choice of over 150 fabric colours.

The ELK range of Linking screens have all the features of EFS screens, plus a linking system that is infinitely flexible to fully utilise office space. ELK screens can be supplied with optional freespace system rails built into the screens that will accept a complete range of trays and shelves, etc., which are designed to keep everyday tools off the desk surface but close at hand.

EFS - ELK Floorstanding Screens

The EFS/ELK screens are available in a with a choice of 7 heights:
2125mm, 1825mm, 1675mm, 1525mm, 1375mm, 1225mm & 1075mm.

The screens also have a choice of 8 widths:
1800mm, 1600mm, 1500mm, 1400mm, 1200mm, 1000mm, 800mm & 600mm

The varying heights and widths give you 56 different screen sizes to choose from. You can select any height and width from the above choices to form the basis of what sizes you require.

EFS - ELK Angled & Shaped Top Option

The Angled Top Option and the Shaped Top Option Screens are both available in the 7 standard heights and 7 widths available in the EFS & ELK range.

Unless otherwise requested, standard production screen sculpturing will reduce the height of the screen at its lowest end, to that of the next standard size down on the Flat screen price list, however any standard height can bechosen for the lower end.

e.g. Unless a different standard height is specified, the Shaped top option on an 1800mm wide x 1825mm high flat screen, will reduce the height at the lower end to 1675mm.

Our custom department will be pleased to cater for non-standard heights and shapes.

EFS - ELK 2.5m or 0.8m Curved Screens

EFS - ELK 2.5m or 0.8m Curved Screens

EFS & ELK Curved Office Screens are available in a choice of 7 heights:
2125mm, 1825mm, 1675mm, 1525mm, 1375mm, 1225mm & 1075mm

The choice of curves screens are 2.5m or 0.8m. A complete circle of 2.5m radius screens would create a circle with a diameter of 5.00m, the 0.8m radius screen is designed to go around an 800mm radius desk corner.

EFS - ELK Vision Screens

The ECO Vision screens are designed to allow a measure of privacy, but also give an overview of other office or public access areas. The acrylic shatter-proof vision panels are set into these screens and may be Clear, Grey or Bronze, Clear are fitted as standard.

The Top Vision panel is 450mm in depth and the Half Vision panel would be approximately half the height of the screen: e.g. an 1800mm high screen would have approximately 900mm of vision panel.

Full vision screens can only be made up to a maximum width of 1000mm.

EFS-ELK Curved Top & Half Vision Screens

These are available in a choice of 6 standard heights which are:

And two styles top vision and half vision, all with a Radius of 0.8m.

Edge & Trim Options

Edge & Trim Options

Light Oak or Silver Edge Trims

Light Oak or Silver uPVA edge trims, hot rolled foil is hard wearing and very realistic in appearance. The foil design has been chosen to blend in with most office furniture, the wood grain has been especially chosen to have a tight grain appearance.

Heavy Duty Top Capping

Heavy duty top capping is ideal for those areas where there is heavy traffic. Standard colours: Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black and Brown. Foil colours: Light Oak and Silver

Edging on Three Sides

Standard colours of Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black or Brown... Or Foil colours of Light Oak wood grain or Silver uPVA edged trims. The foil design has been chosen to blend in with most office furniture, the wood grain has been especially chosen for it's tight grain appearance.

ELK Office Screen Door

ELK internal Sapele door and metal frame complete with lock, 2 keys and brushed aluminium handles.

The metal frame size is 2100 x 900mm and comes in light grey as standard.

We recommend that this door is situated on a 90deg corner of a screen run for strength and stability.

Standard Feet Options

Standard feet Included in the screens price are, stabilising feet, adjustable levelling feet, half feet & fix to floor feet.

In addition to the standard types of feet supplied with Linking and Freestanding screens there are other feet options available at an extra cost, including castor feet, extra height stabilising feet 150mm, 300mm and 720mm and adjustable levelling feet 150mm, 300mm and 720mm.

Colours available include Light Grey, Dark Grey, Beige, Brown & Black.   Silver finish is also available at an extra cost.   Light Grey is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified.

ECO Screens - Beautifully made - ECOnomically priced