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Custom Made Office Products

If we have made it, we can make it different.

Custom made office divider screens

Office Screens made to order. To ensure quality control, it is a core policy of ECO Manufacturing, that all products and sub-assemblies are entirely manufactured within our our own factories.

All metalwork is cut, shaped and welded in-house. Wood sections are machined, sanded, stained and varnished in our own timber mill. Epoxy resin finishes are applied and gas oven dried. All upholstery is carried out by in-house trained staff.

Adhesives are applied in climate controlled conditions. By backing up our manufacturing ability with in-depth stocks of all the required raw materials, ECO can not only offer fast delivery of consistently high quality products, but can quickly produce one or more bespoke products to solve your particular needs.

Custom made to your specification

Individually Tailored Products for Special Projects

  • Flat or curved screens to your specification
  • Vision screens to your specification/li>
  • Any angled screens
  • Any shaped screens
  • Metal clamps and feet to your specification
  • Custom sizes made to order
  • Height up to 3000mm max width 1800mm
  • Widths up to 3000mm max height 1800mm

  • Screen Wall Mounted Fitting

    This wall mounted fitting has been designed for when secure offices are required, you mount this or similar range fitting to the wall and link from the fitting, it can also be very useful when wall to wall installations are required without unsightly gap's.

    ECO Screens - Beautifully made - ECOnomically priced